Switched off, locked and at the right place.

2 min readMay 20, 2020
Iron left on

Have I switched off the iron and the stove?

I can’t explain how many times I have walked back from the tube just to check whether I have turned off the electricals. Sometimes in the middle of a meeting or writing an email at work I have panicked by the thought of leaving the iron on. Then embarrassingly calling my neighbour to check if the fire alarm was set off just to confirm everything is all right.

While writing this I am laughing but when I am in that moment it is pure stress. I initially use to check everything before leaving the house, this helped for some time, not having a physical proof added to the panic.

Few things that I do now:

- Check that everything has been switched off.

- Put back things at its right designated place. This includes hair straighteners and curlers.

- Click a picture before leaving the house to refer back if the thought of leaving things on crosses my mind.

- Lock the door and check it twice before leaving, as that is another thought that bothers a lot, did I leave the door open?

- Give a key to your neighbour — Excuse for sharing the key could be to water the plants whilst you are away. This helps! to check in with them if you have left things on.

Do let me know if you go through this as well and if you do any things on top of the above mentioned, to give you the reassurance that everything is switched off, locked and at the right place.




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