Mask etiquette — COVID 19 Wearing a Mask and its etiquette.

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Mask Etiquette

We all have seen people trying to adjust to a new style of living and that includes wearing a mask. On occasions when I have gone out to do necessary grocery shopping, I have seen people fiddling with their masks, removing and wearing it again. One day I was speaking to my friends on a group call and we were trying to think what the right way is of wearing a mask and came up with a term Mask etiquette.

I am sharing this on mental health week as when I was talking to my friends, we discussed it for a good 10 minutes and I realised it is impacting us significantly and we were struggling to find right guidelines.

We all are now starting to go back to work slowly, below is what I have been following based on research on medical sites including NHS and WHO.

  • Wear your mask once before leaving the house. Do not touch it after that.
  • Make sure that mask covers the nose and goes below your chin. Tie securely to minimise any gaps between the face and the mask;
  • Remove your mask only once you get back home do not touch it while you were out and about or only if needed replace masks with a new clean, dry mask as soon as they become damp/humid.
  • Remove the mask by using an appropriate technique (i.e. do not touch the front but remove the lace from behind); After removal or whenever you inadvertently touch a used mask, clean hands by using an alcohol-based hand rub or soap
  • Do not re-use single-use masks;
  • Wash your mask/ sanitise it — I wash it separately and I also soak it in Dettol for 5 minutes before washing it.
  • Only wear a mask for up to 8 hours

This is what I have been following and have shared with my friends too.

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